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Medycyna Dąb is a modern and specialized clinic created out of passion to comprehensively help women with their problems related to breast diseases.
Thanks to the trust of thousands of women, Medycyna Dąb has become a leader in modern diagnostics and treatment of breast diseases and the largest private center specialized in this field. For many years, in our clinics in Katowice and Warsaw, we have been treating women from all over Poland as well as from many European countries, also from such distant places as the USA, Australia or Dubai. The most important thing for us is fast and professional diagnostics, allowing the detection of all kinds of pathological changes in the breast at the initial stage, in order to maximize the chance of a complete recovery. For patients diagnosed with diseases such as breast pain, breast tumor, adenoma, fibroadenoma, fibroma, cysts and breast cancer, we offer the type of therapy that can bring the best results.
All actions taken are consulted on an ongoing basis with our patients so that they can actively participate in the treatment process, which definitely increases the chance of a complete recovery

Piotr Bednarski MD-PhD


surgery specialis

He specializes in diagnostics and breast diseases. He gained knowledge and professional experience in the field of breast cancer treatment in many centers in Poland and abroad, including Nice, The Hague, Milan, Hamburg and Berlin. Member of the National Team of Experts for establishing the standards of vacuum assisted biopsy and diagnosis of breast diseases. He has trained many doctors in Poland in the field of vacuum assisted biopsy. In his professional work, he uses minimally invasive methods of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
Author of 37 scientific publications, long-term academic teacher at the Medical University of Silesia.
Member of many scientific and professional societies, incl. Society of Polish Surgeons, European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), has a certificate of the Polish Ultrasound Society in the field of ultrasound examinations, winner of many awards and distinctions.



assisted biopsy

Over 15 years ago, as the first center in Poland, we offered our patients the opportunity to undergo a private vacuum assisted biopsy. Since then, thousands of women have trusted us and the Center for Diagnostics and Treatment of Breast Diseases Medycyna Dąb in Warsaw and Katowice has become a leader also in the number of vacuum assisted biopsies performed.
VAB is the most modern and precise diagnostic technique, but we also successfully use it to completely remove breast lumps, while maintaining a safe margin of healthy tissues.
Vacuum assisted biopsy is often the only method of diagnosis or treatment of women with breast implants as the risk of damaging the prosthesis is negligible.
VAB is a painless procedure involving the excision of the entire breast tumor or taking tumor specimens for diagnosis.

Vacuum assisted biopsy has only advantages, we get rid of the entire breast lump in a comfortable and virtually stress-free way, but unfortunately it has one limitation – the size of the lump, i.e. a maximum of 2 cm. Do not wait until the tumor grows, because then your only option is surgery.

Before deciding to have a vacuum assisted biopsy in another facility, make sure that the benign lesion is completely removed!






assisted biopsies



safe patients

Quality is

a deciding factor

At the Medycyna Dąb Warszawa and Katowice clinics, we perform breast ultrasound using the latest HITACHI digital equipment.
We invest in one of a kind nationwide ultrasound machines and diagnostic equipment, because it is an investment in your health.
Breast examinations performed in our clinics ensure the certainty of the result and the related health safety and comfort of periodic checkups.

The advantages of our Hitachi Arietta 750 ultrasound machines dedicated to breast ultrasound examinations

  • super-precise image with an accuracy of 0.1 mm, the most modern ultrasound heads made with Japanese perfection and using advanced technologies
  • Elastography, i.e. the assessment of tumor tissue hardness with exceptional precision, allows to distinguish a benign breast nodule from cancer
  • dark field imaging (DFI) and the Doppler option of vascular flows in the examined tumor (the more vessels, the more suspicious of the lesion)
  • presentation of spacious and precise color photos, which are the basis for the diagnosis of breast tumors

Selected opinions from

The doctor is a reliable specialist. He explained exactly what my breast lesion could be, and the vacuum assisted biopsy he performed turned out to be a bull’s eye. I have never met such a empathetic doctor. I whole-heartedly recommend him to everyone, Because prevention is better than treatment.


I am 21 years old and had a vacuum assisted biopsy which was completely painless. Doctor Bednarski was professional and provided a very nice atmosphere. I encourage all women who are worried about a palpable lump on their breasts not to wait and come for an appointment, because the Doctor will select an appropriate treatment and will relieve them of their worries.


Dr. Bednarski is a great specialist. He offered me a vacuum assisted biopsy and it was spot on! I got rid of the tumor (it turned out to be a fibroadenoma), the whole procedure lasted 10 minutes and it was completely painless! Don’t grow lumps in your breasts, don’t watch them, just remove them right away.


Piotr Bednarski -



Medycyna Dąb

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Medycyna Dąb

Phone booking available between 08:00 and 18:00

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